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ShaRee Amour

Established in 2007




Comfort food with a unique twist...

Our unique family-style cooking has serviced events dating back to the early 90’s. We’re not really sure how this world-wind adventure started, but we believe it began because of our love for cooking. We love cooking comfort classics to unique original gourmet styles and everything else in between--Did you know we even service home-style vegan?


In the beginning, there was food, food, and more great food...


With a large circle of family and friends the demand for catering grew rapidly. With graduations, birthdays, bridal showers, and weddings, we had ample opportunities to serve the community with our homemade cooking. Support from neighbors and friends helped encourage our team to move forward with our business venture in catering. 


Food is where the heart is...


We are not just serving you professionalism and quality service, we are serving you a unique culinary experience.

Taste the love in every bite, get excited trying our new specialty dishes, and take pride in knowing you are consuming only

the best fresh ingredients with every mouthful.






Uniquely Elegant Cakes and Cookies

Handmade Custom Designs and Pies

Gourmet Freshly Baked Dishes

Home-styled Cooking Cuisine

Juice Bar/Cafe





Let us develop a personalized menu that reflects the significance of your special day. We are committed to creating an event that you and your guests won't soon forget.

Our personal chef services are designed to create ease in your schedule without sacrificing taste and quality

Come by for a delicious smoothie, fresh juice, or check out our menu.

Event Planning

We can host events in your home,  office, event space, etc. and can adapt to any space

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