Regular $32/dz.                 Mini’s - $22 / dz.           Muffin Size - $40/dz.


Carrot Cake Carrot Cake

w/ cream cheese icing sprinkled w/ toasted coconut



Raspberry -chocolate cake w/

chocolate mousse filling & mocha buttercream


Apple Martini

Apple cake w/ vodka-melon infused buttercream



Butter - Lime Cake w/ Mint-lime infused buttercream



Butter cake w/ vanilla buttercream


Vintage w/ a twist

Butter Cake w/ chocolate buttercream


Pina Colada

Coconut Pineaple cake w/ cream cheese icing


Cakes & Pies 

Dees Pound Cake $30

Pineapple-Coconut Cake $35

Carrot Cake $35

Cheese Cake $30

Chocolate Cake $30

Red Velvet $35

Triple Chocolate Cake $40

Peach Cobbler $40

Apple Cobbler $40

Layer Cake w/Choice of Filling  $35 




Sweet Confections in a jar

$5.50/jar (min. 1dz.) 

Pecan Pie $15

Apple Pie*  $13

Pineapple-Coconut Pie $12

Sweet Potato Pie $13 

Key Lime Pie $12 

Carrot Cake Trifle $40 



Pecan $20/dz

Coconut/Pineapple $15/dz.

Key Lime $18/dz.

Sweet Potato $18/dz.

Cheesecake $18/dz.

Apple Pie  $18/dz.

Sm. Chocolate Cup w/chocolate mousse $24.00/dz.


(V) can be made vegan friendly * Add $5.00

Additional Desserts Available *Add an extra $2.00 for diabetic friendly pies 

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